Kenya Thiriku

December 1, 2009

Image by Tonx via Flickr

Roaster: Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea
Producer:Thiriku Factory
Farm:Thiriku Cooperative
Region:Nyeri District, Thigingi area
Varietal:SL-28, SL-34
Altitude:1700 – 1900 m
Harvest:November – January
(from Intelligentsia’s website)

Got a pound of this coffee and a Peru from Intelligentsia, but this one is outstanding. Today at Tuscany Coffee we made a Chemex, a Pourover and pulled a couple shots of it and every manifestation was outstanding.

The dark sweet blackberry and more savory notes came through with the Chemex and in the aroma of the grounds. David from Tuscany observed that the grounds smelled almost like a savory steak rub.

David then pulled 4 or 5 double espressos that were absolutely stunning, though at first it was very upfront with the tropical mango/pineapple fruits and very unbalanced, we up dosed and ground coarser and more syrupy sweetness came through with hints at the savory notes. The espresso still mostly hit the tropical fruits that were not as noticeable in the Chemex.

This coffee is absolutely stunning though, if you are going to pick up or order a coffee from somewhere, this is the most impressive i’ve had in a couple months.

I’m starting a journal to Catalogue the coffee’s i’ve had over the last couple months, as well as brewing ratios and other helpful information so i can start to see trends in what i’m tasting. This blog will be an expanded form of what i’m writing as far as I can perceive now.

For today i had a brew of some Cuvee Coffee that David over at Tuscany Coffee was generous enough to share a bit of!

Here are the Specs-
Roaster: Cuvee Coffee
Coffee: Cerro Las Ranas, El Salvador
Region: Juayua
Varietals: Bourbon and Hybrid
Altitude: 1450 – 1600 meters
Harvest: January – March
Process: Pulped Natural
Roast date: Estimated Nov 22

Hario V60 #1 Pourover
10 ounces
2:15 total brew time

When the brew was hot i was immediately struck by the sweet orange acidity and flavor, but as it cooled off i noticed the dense body and raw sugar/molasses like complex sweetness.

Thats all for now, i’m getting two coffee’s this week from Intelligentsia and will hopefully be able to do some experimenting with those after i get over this cold!