Wet Grinding

July 13, 2011

This presentation from David Walsh and the paper he mentions attatched is extrememly important to advancing the field of grinding. Fascinating stuff and I can’t wait to hear what everyone continues to play with as this video reaches a wider audience.

Download Paper with the link below.

Aroma Recovery from Roasted Coffee by Wet Grinding

5 Responses to “Wet Grinding”

  1. nzadrozny Says:

    Fascinating stuff, and that paper is a great read. Would it be possible to get a link to that YouTube video shown at 13:00?

  2. […] Watch the video: click here […]

  3. […] It sounds like they’ve been doing some fun experiments at the Friday coffee gatherings run by Ron Cortez. I need to get out there soon. Here’s some more background, shared by Ron Cortez on Twitter, about wet grinding. […]

  4. robhoos Says:

    One of the things I would be interested in seeing is a way to be more accurate with the testing. In the paper (which thank you so much for providing that, it is a wonderful resource 🙂 ), we see that there is a high level of variance between the grind size and distribution between the dry and wet grinds on each grinder. This could be part of the explanation for the variance we see in the aromatic analysis. In order to get a true understanding of the difference caused by wet grinding, would we not want to see the same exact grind spread in both? Then we would see the results of the aromatic analysis reflecting only the difference between wet and dry grinding. Isolating variables is very important to understanding results both from quantitative and qualitative assessment (the claim made on the video about the Brazilian Coffee’s difference in flavor profile could be accounted for by grind size distribution?). I don’t know, just some thoughts.

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