DISK Review

January 20, 2011

I’ve been experimenting quite a bit this past couple weeks with Coava’s KONE, no sooner did I get back home to the states to get my hands and start the process of brewing with new equipment, than they released the DISK filter for the Aeropress, and no sooner than was I about to do a write up on both of these than they released another DISK with slightly smaller holes! (Not to mention the KONE funnel coming out in the next couple weeks)

Slow down with all the innovation!

Well, regardless, I’m getting around to reviewing the product now, and I’ve been more impressed with the DISK as a consistent brewing device. The Kone has gotten me to brew a different kind of coffee (read: oily, big bodied, slight soot) by tricking me with one of my favorite brewing devices, the Chemex (read: clean, crisp, bright brews). However, I didn’t own an Aeropress before I was given the DISK + Aeropress combo for Christmas, and so naturally i’ve been drawn to brewing with it often.

Here’s my brewing specs for the DISK: 12-14g depending on the roaster, Inverted Aeropress, 200ml water poured in 10seconds, snap lid on and flip over the sink at 60 seconds (some coffee falls out into the sink that mostly contains fines and soot), set on cup, at 120-150s remove plunger and let the coffee drip through, depending on grind size it should finish up around 180-210seconds. I grind around 22 on the Virtuoso Preciso for a starting point, This gives a really balanced cup that highlights the aromatics and sweetness with very little soot. I’ve not had any good results actually using the plunger to push the brew through the filter, every time it ends up horribly sooty with a terrible astringency.

The best part about this filter (and brewer) is the easy clean up, while the KONE takes a little bit longer to clean, the DISK is no hassle at all to rinse and get rid of the coffee grounds and oils. As well, at a lower price point of $15 for one, $25 for a set of two different sized filters, it’s a more affordable luxury.

All in all, I can’t recommend Coava’s products enough. Though many don’t have the means to purchase, they are at least helpful to get one thinking about brewing in a different way, and moving the coffee industry further past the need of paper filters.

Watch here tomorrow, I’ll be posting some thoughts about a brewing experiment i’ve been working on with the DISK…


11 Responses to “DISK Review”

  1. Andie Says:

    I read your blog post 🙂 Because I love you. And you’re very cute. Also, I like these photos. Where’d you get them?

  2. cmoody91 Says:

    They’re off Coava’s Website 🙂 You just like them because of the trendy owl in the background.. 😉

  3. […] posted a brief review of the DISK yesterday, detailing normal brewing perimeters for brewing based of my experiences with Coava’s recipe. […]

  4. Will Says:

    Nice review. I’ve got the itch to experiment but don’t know which brewer to get. How’d you compare the final cup here to that of a Hario woodneck or vacuum pot?

    • cmoody91 Says:

      Cup here is going to be very sweet, some soot and oils but still very clean and crisp if you have a good quality grinder. On the other hand, woodneck has a bigger weight and oils, siphon is the most clean and crisp from the bunch.
      I would recommend this combo because it is the least demanding from a maintenance perspective and will give you an idea of the brew style and if you want to move on later into more expensive and time consuming brewers like siphon or woodneck. Aeropress always has seemed to me to be a kind of “lazy man’s siphon” (also for the man without huge expendable income!)
      Let me know if you have any more questions.

  5. […] the paper filters in your Aeropress. It’s $15, lasts indefinitely, and the reviews are good. [Coava via […]

  6. […] the paper filters in your Aeropress. It’s $15, lasts indefinitely, and the reviews are good. [Coava via […]

  7. geedavey Says:

    I made my own, with two layers of nylon stocking sandwiched between two layers of fine mesh fabric from some jewelry gift bags.

    I brew inverted as per the above without stirring, then I put on the filter and cap, press out any air, and then quickly invert on my cup so the crema which is trapped in the grounds stays trapped, and since it’s now at the bottom of the press against the filter it can be rapidly forced through. My mesh filter allows the crema and coffee to flow through easily while trapping most of the fines and soot. This give me an aromatic crema and a brew full of flavor oils.

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