V-60 Brew Guide

May 1, 2010

A short little video i did last night to show a way to brew with the V60 i’ve been really enjoying!


4 Responses to “V-60 Brew Guide”

  1. aaronblanco Says:

    Nice work. I still just don’t understand the widespread admonishment to avoid pouring on the sides. CAREFUL pouring on the sides in the early stages is an essential part of brewing out enough solubles–not to mention what I consider to be an advanced barista skill.

    Looks like a quick, tasty cup.

    • cmoody91 Says:

      Glad you enjoyed it, had the idea of making a quick video about halfway through my preparation work..

      I agree on the side pouring, on the Chemex and other restricted pour overs i pour from the sides in the beginning similar to your technique for Chemex (which i’ve now completely adopted).
      While i generally do a better job of wetting the sides for the V60, i find that in these smaller brews where you are only keeping the coffee slightly submerged it is very difficult to keep the all the coffee from flushing down to the center, which i try to compensate for by the high throw rate (3g/Ounce give or take).
      I wish Catalina had an ExtractMoJo i could play around with this summer! Certainly would help (or complicate..) in playing with some of these methods..

  2. aaronblanco Says:

    I really like the Barismo flow restrictor for use on the V60’s. (It’s a bit slow for Chemex imho.) But it really helps get that tight island and I can pour to the edges as needed.

    Saving up for an ExtractMojo here at Brown. I’m with you: it’ll really help as well as really confuse and complicate things, I suspect.


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