Houston Coffee

April 3, 2010

Didn’t get the chance to do any of the posts i had ideas for over the break, but it’s alright. Over my two weeks I worked at Catalina Coffee as well as Tuscany Coffee and have really enjoyed the chance to be back making tons of coffee and working on being deliberate and repeatable in all my brewing habits.
Also had a chance to go over to a really great Homebarista’s house and he generously let me use his modified La Marzocco GS3 and his beautiful Elektra Nino grinder. I had never used a Machine that had a PID, and had the chance to try a couple different espresso profiles that i have read about as well as try Brown Coffee Co’s absolutely stunning Chinati Espresso which uniquely has “2 coffees roasted over a three day period, using four distinct roast profiles to broaden the spectrum of sweetness and versatility these amazing coffees have to offer”. If my memory serves, the two coffees were a Kenya from the Nyeri district and Ethiopia Amaro Gayo.
I ordered some great coffees from Has Bean as well, the Colombia Nariño Consaca and the Bolivia Machacamarca. Both were stunning, the Columbia had an amazingly sweet grape juice overlay as well as green melon notes. The Bolivia was amazingly smooth with dark chocolate tones and just a hint of citrus, sometimes close to lime sometimes orange zest. I’ve been stunned by all the coffees i’ve ordered and is well worth the shipping fees from the UK!

Anyways, short little update about what i should have been writing longer posts on..


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