Syphon Coffee

December 26, 2009

Hario Syphon and Hand Grinder

For Christmas I was given a wonderful Hario TCA-5 Syphon Coffee Maker from Avenue 18 which is the only retailer in North America i’m aware of that has an extensive collection of syphons for sale.
As a basic guide for brewing i’ve found Coffee Geek’s Guide as well as this Short Intelligentsia Trade Show Video very helpful and informative.

Short Instructions
Fine drip grind with Hario Skerton Hand Grinder
45g for 20 ounces (5 “cups”)
Completely Saturate Grounds
Stir 5 times at 55 seconds
Remove heat source
Apply Wet towel to bottom glass to increase speed of drop down
2:15 complete contact time from coffee deposit to last bit exiting top chamber

So far the best cups i’ve had have been with Ethiopia Amaro Gayo and the Cup of Excellence #15 El Salvador San Jose/Shangrila from Catalina Coffee. The fruit acidity in both is nicely accentuated as the cup cools, and the cup is very smooth when its hot.

Anyways i’m still playing around with my brewing method and what coffees work best with it, so any comments are greatly appreciated! I ordered a butane burner from Sweet Maria’s last night, and hopefully the heat increase will let me do everything quicker because the small alcohol burning i’m using makes the water take forever to get up to temperature even with a boil before.


5 Responses to “Syphon Coffee”

  1. Though I would’ve loved it much more if you added a relevant video or at least pictures to back up the explanation, I still thought that your write-up quite helpful. It’s usually hard to make a complicated matter seem very easy. I enjoy your weblog and will sign up to your feed so I will not miss anything. Fantastic content

  2. Will Says:

    Hi, I commented on your DISK review and said that I was going to get one…but in a moment of weakness, I splurged on a Hario syphon (2-cupper)! In the interest of consistency, I feel it’s best to substitute extended stirring with extended brew-time…time is just easier to replicate. I give a minimalist stir at the beginning, middle, and end just to make sure the coffee’s all incorporated. I also do the cool towel. With a 19ish Virtuoso grind, around 90g/L, the total brew is 1:40-1:50 and extremely delicious to my untrained palette.

    I can get a Woodneck at a significant discount, so I’m thinking “why not?” Do you have any brewing advice for that? Is the bigger one too much coffee for one person? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    • cmoody91 Says:

      Yeah my siphon method has changed quite a bit since then. More like what you said, but a more conservative dose around the 65g/L mark, and a total brew time of 1:30.
      I use the 3 cup woodneck quite a bit, it makes about 400 ml but you can certainly make less. The smaller one is significantly smaller at 6oz and perhaps too small. If you make coffee for more than one person on any sort of basis I would recommend the 3 cupper. Barismo has some really good guides for Woodneck brewing as well:

      • Will Says:

        Thanks, I got the 3-cup from Brown. Good deal and the owner’s a super nice guy. As much as I like Barismo’s beans, their vac pot guide gave me so many headaches (some great info and some not so great…how does a novice make the crucial distinctions?) but I’ll try out their Woodneck advice…a few times at least. This is fun:

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