Ethiopia Aleta Wondo

December 15, 2009

Unroasted Coffee in Aleta Wondo

Got a new Ethiopian coffee from Fusion Beans, a roaster out of Houston Texas. The Coffee is from a village in East Africa’s Sidama Region called Aleta Wondo, this coffee is special because 20% of the profits from the green beans go straight to the village for things like schools, clean water, health care and other projects for the 14,000 farmers in the region, you can read about it on the website linked above.

The coffee is unusually very spicy for an Ethiopian coffee, but there is still a bit of floral elements with a very strong lemon or and possible grapefruit accent. I haven’t been able to pull out the berry accents that are very apparent in the aroma of the beans and the grounds, but the cup hasn’t diminished because of it. The coffee lingers with strong nuts and chocolate (along with the spice notes) as it cools, with a intense (and sometimes harsh) acidity which could be a by-product of experimenting with different brewing techniques.

Check out this coffee though, your money goes to a great small roaster and to some really cool projects in Africa!

Aleta Wondo Village
Fusion Beans


3 Responses to “Ethiopia Aleta Wondo”

  1. Andie Roeder Says:

    This is your girlfriend speaking. I just wanted to tell you that I think this is adorable. And the fonts, colors, and layout are all very nice. You did a great job. The content is a little over my head, but the design looks great. I love you and I think you’re really great and so smart and knowledgeable and fantastic. I’m proud of you, dear.

  2. Hi! Great blog!

    I think you made a typo with “West Africa” there. Sidama is in Ethiopia, in East Africa, of course.

    That is indeed a fantastic coffee, and I have seen firsthand that the money generated by this coffee is working wonders in Aleta Wondo.

  3. cmoody91 Says:

    Good catch!
    I should do a better job of checking my entries, i’ve found quite a few typos in all of my posts..

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